Designing a Great Website on a Budget by www.thehostingnews.com
A good website isn’t just an asset anymore; it’s vital for success...
Benjamin Ehinger   Thehostingnews
Windows 10 Features: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
For such a large and complex operating system like Windows 10, there are obviously features Microsoft got completely right and then some that … not so much.
Michael Lasky   Windows Secrets
Do You Have What it Takes to Be an IoT Developer?
If you constantly find yourself fascinated by the latest technological gadgets hitting the marketplace, have you ever considered becoming one of the people who designs and creates them?
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Learn a Coding Language in 2018
Changing career paths, getting an idea for an app out of your head, or just learning something new and useful are all great reasons to get started programming.
Patrick Lucas Austin   Lifehacker
Four tips for better collections in API development
API Development tips and tricks to make your collections the best that they can be from Postman.
Richard Harris   ADM
What is an API and why are they important to developers
APIs are an important part of any development project. Here`s what they are and how you can put them to work for you, especially when using the right tools.
Richard Harris   ADM
Intel is giving up on its smart glasses
So long, vaunt...
Dieter Bohn   The Verge
How to create `portrait mode` photos using Adobe Photoshop Fix
Using the Adobe Photoshop Fix app, you can create a "portrait mode" bokeh affect on your photos, even if you don`t have the latest iPhone or Android smartphone.
Ant Pruitt   TechRepublic
Is Facebook Planning to Build Its Own Chips to Create Better AI?
If there are two things Facebook is notoriously bad at right now, it’s maintaining the privacy of its users and developing cool Facebook-related hardware...
Alex Cranz   Gizmodo
You and 99,999,999 Other People are Amazon Prime Subscribers
Amazon CEO and Lex Luthor lookalike Jeff Bezos announced Wednesday in a letter to shareholders that more than 100 million people around the world are subscribers to Amazon Prime...
AJ Dellinger   Gizmodo
Self-destructing emails and `confidential mode` will arrive in new Gmail redesign, report claims
As Google prepares to release a revamped version of Gmail, a few new features have leaked, including a `self-destructing emails`.
Annie Palmer and Phoebe Weston   Daily Mail Online
Open Source is Tech’s Explosive Organic Movement
It’s hard to believe the Food Revolution has only been in effect for about ten years. In that time, we’ve seen drastic changes in the way citizens of the world choose to buy food for their families
TDB   Zero Hedge